Anatomy of A Clerk of Works Database

After years of reporting and seeing how the industry deals with Clerk of Works reports we decided to take the plunge and develop a custom database specifically designed for the Clerk of Works position.

We spent months searching for a ready made solution but nothing fit right. So we went right to work developing an incredibly powerful Database which allows us endless options for outputting reports, graphs, and diagrams. The database took over 1000 hours to develop.

We are able to track everything related to the project and is easy to modify depending on customer needs. Currently we have RFI’s, SI’s, Change Notices and Manpower being tracked independently. We are able to link any change that comes to the project with the corresponding RFI, CN, or SI. This makes it incredibly easy to see what changes are related. Below you will see an example of an output of the RFI log that automatically is created one you enter them in the form above. This data can be output in any number of useful ways.


The most used part of this software of course is the Reporting capabilities. Once we have entered all the information for the day and photographs we output a beautifully formatted report great for sharing with the entire project team. The completed report includes all relevant information to the project. Everything entered into the database is searchable. We are also able to create reports based on the individual categories. i.e.. Print out all Structural comments for any selected period of time.


One of the ways many projects get behind is poor manpower allocation. Often times sites will only have a couple people onsite when more work could be undertaken. With our tracking abilities we can very quickly display how many workers are onsite, what trade they are with and how long they are onsite. All this data can be displayed on Charts, Spreadsheets or graphs.


As projects near completion it becomes critical that everyone is aware of the progress of individual rooms. Our room by room Database helps keep a close eye on every step being undertaken. Having a Clerk of Works onsite everyday keeping this updated helps maintain the critical path when approaching the end of a project.

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