Who We Are

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we are passionate and dedicated to building a higher degree of construction quality that guarantees a stronger sustainable future. Our unique competitive advantage is our ability to help you see the value of money for quality of work. We achieve this by having elite knowledgeable representatives that have extensive knowledge of current construction practices maintaining a holistic view of the entire project, while appreciating all the fine details.

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Clerk of Works Role

The Clerk of Works is a second pair of eyes for the site inspector by conducting vigilant on-site inspections and monitoring the workmanship, quality and safety being completed by all contractors on the construction site....

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Benefits of a Clerk of Works

The Clerk of Works ensures our client sees the proper value for money invested by being their quality control, communicating updates, changes and progress, and creating transparency with contractual agreements so deliverable expectations are met or exceeded.

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Clerk of works position gives peace of mind on projects


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