About Us


Our Approach

Being on site from day one, we help serve as a liaison between the General Contractor, Client, Architect and Project Management firm to maintain professional relationships throughout the length of the project. This includes conducting on-site inspections, maintaining orderly files for correspondence such as daily, weekly and monthly reports which to help our clients track progress made with their project. We work diligently to review plans/blueprints, written instructions or contractor shop drawings to ensure all work is completed in compliance and completed with a standard of excellence.

Our Story

April 2003 we started as a Construction company completing small residential renovations. Quickly we saw the need for someone to supervise the supervisor. Over the years we have oversaw many regionally important projects from Courthouse's to OPP Facilities and MNRF buildings.

Meet the Team

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Shannon D. Hulme

Founder & CEO

He has always had the drive to do things better, After completing his apprenticeship in General Carpenter he knew the current method of building wasn't working so he left his comfortable job to focus on expanding the profession of Clerk of Works in Canada.


Dan Parasram

Clerk of Works

As a passionate individual, I am on a mission to make an impact in both the business and construction industries. After completing Architectural, Business Management, and Project Management studies, I found a true calling in construction. With over 4 years experience initiating and executing projects in a team lead/project management role, I found Shanco Inc. has a similar focus to my own by making a positive difference for a sustainable future. My amiable personality allows me to build strong relationships and be extremely adaptable to different environments, helping me and others around me to continuously improve, develop and grow.

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